The Washing Guide


Just some simple hints and tips to keep your school uniform looking smarter for longer.

We do not recommend the use of fabric conditioner 

Fabric conditioner will cover your fabrics in a layer which although smells great and is soft to the touch this waxy layer can cause the following problems:

  • Sportswear will become less breathable.  Sportwear is designed to pull sweat away from the skin by allowing it to breath.  By covering your sportswear in fabric conditioner you are not allowing the material to do what it is designed to do.
  • Skirts and trousers with pleats.  As fabric conditioner is ultimately a softener of material,  pleats will disappear causing you to stand over the ironing board on a Sunday night for longer than you have to trying to iron them back in.
  • Pullovers and Cardigans, over time the acrylic fibres become thin and stretch out and in some cases the knitwear can go totally out of shape.
  • Pilling or bobbling is a common problem.  Because the fibres are softened all the loose fibres come to the surface of the material as pilling.  This is not a fault of the material but can be rectified with a pilling machine which can be purchased from Amazon here:
  • Finally your towels at home will become more absorbent.

Be aware that some wash pods come as an all in one which will include fabric conditioner, I can confirm that after testing them myself that these too will have an affect on our products.


  • 30 degrees.  There is no need to wash on more than 30, detergents are designed to work their best at 30 degrees.
  • Stubborn stains.  Spray area with a stain remover like Vanish and leave to soak over night before putting into the washing machine.
  • Skirts/ Kilts with buckles.  Please wash these either in a wash bag or with a full wash load otherwise what you will hear is the buckle hitting the side of your washing machine drum causing the buckle to either break or become loose.
  • To save on ironing time, we recommend removing the load as soon as the washing machine has finished, these will help keep creases to a minimum.
  • Pullovers/ cardigans / shirts or blouses / trousers.  If you can hang these straight out of the washing machine there should be no need to iron.  We hang ours in the airing cupboard.
  • Skirts require this hanger Hangers (skirt / trouser) - Simplify Stuffto help drop the creases during drying.

Top ironing tips

  • Iron on badges.  Make sure your steam is switched off and your iron is on one of the hottest settings.  Place a tea towel over the badge and iron.  If you apply the iron without a tea towel there’s a possibility of melting the blazer.
  • Cardigans and Pullovers. Do not iron these garments, ultimately they are made from Acrylic which is a plastic fibre, by heating the fibres you will pull the garment out of shape. 
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