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The Oz Schoolwear Story


OZ Fashions established in Petts Wood, Kent in 1985.  We sold fashion brands such as Joe Bloggs, Pepe Jeans, Ton Sur Ton, Ministry of Sound and World Dance etc.  But due to the fast-paced fashion that the industry still suffers with today, we were forever putting more and more in the sale trying to keep up with the latest trends. 

OZ Fashions obtained its first school back in 1987, St. Olave’s Prep School, who are still with us today.  Having provided world class service to our first school more schools wanted to experience some of the OZ magic, by 1992 we had completely switched to school uniform and OZ Schoolwear was born.

But why OZ? I hear you say.  Well let me explain where this came from.  When originally designing the shop, we had a yellow brick road that ran down the middle all the way to the changing rooms, which then, were at the end of the shop.  But these were not any old changing rooms, these changing rooms were in a castle and the wizard (made of marine ply) use to stand outside pointing his wand towards the shop.  The shop was heavily themed on that wonderful film The Wizard of OZ.


Fast forward to 2010 and this is where we introduce Jon to the family business.  He has a background of people management and retail service experience in the finance industry and after being made redundant became a perfect fit to the team.   He successfully brought OZ Schoolwear into the 21st century, moving us online and integrating our stock management system.

We now have 2 purpose-built warehouses to help support the stock required for all of our schools all year round.  We have an amazing team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff who never seem to want to leave.  When we employ staff, we keep staff, and this helps us build relationships with our customers and their children. 

Working in this industry for 35 years has allowed us to work with all possible manufacturers and I can confidently say that the products we sell are the best in the business.  Jon also has 2 children who road test the school uniform regularly, we could not be any closer to the quality of our garments.

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