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Template School Uniform Supply Agreement – Free to download

The Department for Education guidance on school uniforms states that where schools specify school branded items as part of their uniform policy, the governing board should ensure there is a written contract in place for these items. To support this guidance, we have produced a Template School Uniform Supply Agreement that is free to download for schools to use. This agreement has been created specifically with school uniform provision in mind from our unique knowledge of this process.

The Template School Uniform Supply Agreement has been designed for use in conjunction to a wider uniform procurement process where schools wish to have a sole supplier but could equally be adapted where multiple uniform providers are appointed by a school. The fields that require personalisation are all highlighted in yellow throughout the document and there are additional footnotes to assist when completing.

Tendering process for School Uniforms

Click on the links to view two guideline documents designed to give you help with sourcing school uniform and the tender process. These can also be available as a Word document which you can edit to suit your own requirements.

Invitation to Tender: Guidelines

License To Sell Uniform


The Schoolwear Association produces a number of guides to help schools and members with issues that affect the market. Here you can download guides to help with the process of sourcing school uniform and understanding how to protect your school logo so that others cannot misuse it or supply uniform against your wishes.

The Benefits of School Branded Uniform

The Aims and Values of The Schoolwear Association

School Uniform: A guide to specifying and sourcing uniform for schools and academies

Factsheet : How to protect your school identity

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