Opro Silver Mouthguard


Product Description

There’s something exhilarating about competition – whether it’s the fast pace of the game, the thunk of sticks, or the jumble of limbs. Whatever your sport, with our Silver sports mouthguard you can enjoy everything on offer without the risk of injury to your mouth.

What makes your OPRO Silver gum shield unique?

Our Silver level gum shields are designed to go beyond the training ground and offer the protection you can count on during match day:

  • Match-level fit and comfort: The comfort and fit of the Silver mouthguard means you don’t have to worry about it falling out while you have your head in the game.

  • Safe and secure protection for your mouth: Comes with a resistant outer layer to absorb any blows, protecting your teeth and gums from any flailing elbows or rogue sticks.

  • Easy to mould: Our Silver mouthguard is simple and quick to mould. With our fitting handle, it becomes even easier. Don’t take our word for it; take a look for yourself.

  • Antimicrobial protection: As standard, every Silver mouthguard comes with an antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.

  • Peace of mind: Our Silver mouthguard is legally CE certified and comes with a comprehensive dental warranty worth up to £12,500. You worry about winning. We’ll do the rest.

Key Features

  • Match level protection
  • Takes just a few minutes to mould to your teeth
  • Safe and secure fit – easy breathing and speech
  • High flow gel for comfort and protection
  • Up to £12,500 worth of dental warranty

Additional information


Adult Black/Red (Age 10 – Adult), Adult Blue/Sky (Age 10 – Adult), Adult Green/Gold (Age 10 – Adult), Adult Pink/Green (Age 10 – Adult), Adult Red/ Blue (Age 10 – Adult), Adult White/Black ( Age 10 – Adult), Junior Black/Red (Up To Age 10), Junior Blue/Sky (Up To Age 10), Junior Green/Gold (Up To Age 10), Junior Pink/Green ( Up To Age 10), Junior Red/Blue (Up To Age 10), Junior White/Black (Up To Age 10)


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