Babington House Girls Grey Slim Fit Senior Trouser ( DL965)


Product Description

  • 63.5% Polyester/ 34.5 Viscose/ 2% Elastane
  • Front Pocket
  • Contrast Internal Binding
  • These are made to order and take 2 weeks for delivery, you must come in and try before we can order.
  • Babington House shield embroidered on pocket.

Additional information


W22 L24 (SHORT), W22 L26 (REGULAR), W22 L28 (LONG), W22 L30 (XLONG), W23 L24 (SHORT), W23 L26 (REGULAR), W23 L28 (LONG), W23 L30 (XLONG), W24 L24 (SHORT), W24 L26 (REGULAR), W24 L28 (LONG), W24 L30 (XLONG), W25 L26 (SHORT), W25 L28 (REGULAR), W25 L30 (LONG), W25 L32 (XLONG), W26 L28 (SHORT), W26 L30 (REGULAR), W26 L32 (LONG), W26 L34 (XLONG), W27 L28 (SHORT), W27 L30 (REGULAR), W27 L32 (LONG), W27 L34 (XLONG), W28 L28 SHORT, W28 L30 REGULAR, W28 L32 LONG, W28 L34 (XLONG), W29 L28 SHORT, W29 L30 REGULAR, W29 L32 LONG, W29 L34 (XLONG), W30 L28 (SHORT), W30 L30 (REGULAR), W30 L32 (LONG), W30 L34 (XLONG), W31 L28 (SHORT), W31 L30 (REGULAR), W31 L32 (LONG), W31 L34 (XLONG), W32 L28 (SHORT), W32 L30 (REGULAR), W32 L32 (LONG), W32 L34 (XLONG), W34 L28 (SHORT), W34 L30 (REGULAR), W34 L32 (LONG), W34 L34 (XLONG), W36 L28 (SHORT), W36 L30 (REGULAR), W36 L32 (LONG), W36 L34 (XLONG), W38 L28 (SHORT), W38 L30 (REGULAR), W38 L32 LONG, W38 L34 (XLONG)


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