Dress To Impress



  • The use of fabric conditioner is not advised.  For the following reasons:
    • It can knock out the pleats in your skirts and trousers causing excess ironing on a Sunday evening.
    • It can cause pilling (bobbling) to the material of your skirts and knitwear.
    • It can cause modern materials to become less breathable.
    • Knitwear can become thin and it can lose its shape.
  • Do not iron pullovers and cardigans (they will stretch and go thin).
  • Always wash on 30, if there is a stain that won’t budge, apply vanish to the stain and leave in cold water over night, put back in the washing machine and hey presto.
  • Our shirts should not need ironing.  Hang them up as soon as the washing machine has finished.
  • If you ever want to get creases out of a polyester blazer please use a cloth, never apply the iron directly, this will stop the material becoming shiny.

…..oh and you can thank me later.

Ever wondered how to wear your school tie? well look no further than our handy guide below.





What knot shall I use and how do I tie them?

This is the classic knot, this is by far the most popular knot and a good starting point for any novice to the tie game.

If you are feeling confident and want to try something fancy, there is always the Windsor knot as below:

It’s Sunday and now it’s time to get those shoes shiny ready for school